By publishing this post I try to help people who want to get access to popular and simple database engine sqlite through perl script. I use sqlite to store e-mails statistics at small mail server in order to retrieve information about users’ mail activity like average response time, sent and received messages and etc. There is perl script that is used to get this data per every user or get summary statistics. This script is to be run by web server (I use Apache) and has name index.cgi in my case.

Here is part of it:

use DBI;
print “Content-type: text/html\n\n”;
print “<html><head><title>perl and sqlite example script</title></head><body>”;
$dbh = DBI->connect( “dbi:SQLite:dbname=/tmp/mail_data.db”,”", “”, { RaiseError => 1, AutoCommit => 0 });

my $fst = $dbh->selectall_arrayref(“SELECT min(time_1),max(time_1) FROM mail_data”);
foreach my $row (@$fst) {
my ($fst_pr,$lst_pr) = @$row;
print “oldest entry in database: “.gmtime($fst_pr).” gmt<br>newest entry in database: “.gmtime($lst_pr);

print “</body>”;
print “</html>”;

After you load this example through any web browser (please read your web server’s manual on how to allow cgi/perl script exec, for example here), script will read sqlite database that is located at /tmp/mail_data.db and display minimal and maximal values of field time_1 from mail_data table.

In order to run this script it’s necessary to install perl, sqlite3 and perl-DBI-SQLite cpan module.

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