Being an Ubuntu/Debian user (yes, I use and advocate both), I have fallen in love with the Advanced Packaging Tool, also known as apt. Before Ubuntu, I played in the world of RPM hell, with distros such as Red Hat itself, Mandrake (as it was called back then), and even SuSE. I would find some piece of software, try to install it, only to find that it would choke, saying that it relied on some certain dependencies. I would install the dependencies, only to find conflicting versions with newer software. Hell indeed. So when I discovered the Debian way of installing software, I wondered why no one had mentioned it to me before. It was heaven. This is the way to software, I thought. Read more…




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  5. September 18, 2007  7:53 am by Taurai Mhokore Reply

    Im duplicating same installation on various hdd and would like to create a dump CD which I can just use to create on new hdd.

    How should I do it (create one copy which I can use on new hdd to save time and to standardise my installations)?

    Please help.


  6. September 18, 2007  1:13 pm by artiomix Reply

    Taurai Mhokore, there are several ways to get done this. First way is t use Unix "dump" utility. Here is an example how to use this utility.

    To create dump of whole filesystem (let say root / filesystem) you can use the following command:

    dump -0uan -f - / | ssh artemn@ "dd of=/root/dumps/dump-l0.bak"

    This will create full dump of root filesystem and will store it to /root/dumps/dump-l0.bak at Make sure your server has access to before you perform this command. After dump is finished and is /root/dumps/dump-l0.bak you can use restore command as it's described here.

    Good luck!

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