firefox logoMozilla Firefox is primary browser I use with my Ubuntu Gutsy but like any software it has benefits in line with drawbacks. Of course there are more benefits in Firefox (I really think so) but here are several tips that would help to improve Firefox’ performance and make it working even better. These tips were found at Zepy (nice site I must say :) ) and you can read them in details here.

Fetch only pages that you click (disable links prefetching): Type “about:config” at the address bar and hit return. Then enter “network.prefetch” or “network.prefetch-next” in the filter field and make it FALSE.

Limit the RAM usage (really makes sense for me): Type “about:config” at the address bar and hit return. Filter up your search after “browser.cache” and select “browser.cache.memory.capacity” from the remaining options (if there is no such item you can create it) and put desirable value in KB. For example to set limit of 128 MB you should put 6144 (please follow table below to get proper value). Quick note: browser.cache.memory.enable must be TRUE for this preference to take effect.

Physical RAM Memory Cache (in KB)
32 MB 2048
64 MB 4096
128 MB 6144
256 MB 10240
512 MB 14336
1 GB 18432
2 GB 24576
4 GB 30720
8 GB and up 32768




  1. November 3, 2007  1:53 am by Neezar Reply

    Thanks for your backlink and praise :)
    I think linuxscrew is more popular than me... :)

  2. November 3, 2007  9:30 am by artiomix Reply

    Hi Neezar,

    You're welcome! Zepy is really nice site, especially I like Internet category. Keep posting! :)

  3. November 5, 2007  8:27 am by Pascal Reply

    "Filter up your search after "browser.cache" and select "browser.cache.memory.capacity" from the remaining options"

    and then... ?

    select it and then what should ya do?

    "(if there is no such item you can create it)"

    Yes but, what kind of data should ya expect? binary? boolean? string?

  4. November 5, 2007  8:40 am by artiomix Reply

    Hi Pascal,

    Please see post content as I've updated it for you :)
    Also you can find more information regarding above mentioned Firefox preference here.

  5. November 5, 2007  10:13 am by Pascal Reply

    ohhh thank you alot. i appreciate it. :)

  6. May 2, 2009  9:30 pm by impNERD Reply

    Yep, I'm definitely late to comment on this article, but I was searching on how to speed up Firefox and this article came up. I have never seen the memory capacity being suggested before... thanks.

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