FAQ: How to find out CPU load in Linux?

It’s rather trivial task to get information about how much of CPU time is consumed by Linux operating system, its components or various software it runs, but thankfully there are numerous utilities making it possible to get it. Some of them are included into certain Linux distribution, other aren’t but most of tools listed below can be used to find out CPU utilization statistics: 1. top top is very old […]

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FAQ: How to open files .daa in Ubuntu

Q: How can I open .daa in Ubuntu or other Linux distribution? A: DAA file is PowerISO Direct-Access-Archive and should be opened with PowerISO for Linux or AcetoneISO. In order to install PowerISO do the following: cd /usr/src wget http://poweriso.com/poweriso-1.3.tar.gz tar -xvzf poweriso-1.3.tar.gz It comes as poweriso binary so you can execute it without compilation. Now you can convert .daa into .iso: ./poweriso convert your_file.daa -o your_file.iso -ot iso Coming […]

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Some words in Linux kernel source code


FC6 on desktop PC

Few days ago I moved from Ubuntu 6.10 to Fedora Core 6 at my personal desktop and first problem I met was nvidia geforce4 video card support. Let me mention that Fedora works fine with embedded driver ‘nv’ but it doesn’t rocks (too slowly). But sakes alive! There is repository livna.org which includes compiled binary ‘nvidia’ modules for different Fedora Core versions and kernels: to enable this repo just execute […]

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