Long-awaited Pidgin 2.3.0 is out!

pidgin logo One of the best instant messengers named Pidgin (previously Gaim) released it’s latest version 2.3.0. According to developers’ description Pidgin is a multiprotocol IM client and it’s goal is to hide protocols from the user as much as possible (users have to know about individual protocols when they create or modify accounts, but in day-to-day communication and usage, the intent is that users don’t have to think about protocols at all).

Pidgin supports the following protocols:

Read full developer’s changelog here and download Pidgin from pidgin.im/download. It’s available as source tarball, as binary packages for Fedora, CentOS/RHEL and other major Linux distributions, plus 2.3.0 version is ready also for Windows users.

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Firefox 3 Beta 1 is Ready!

Really nice news: Mozilla announced Firefox 3 Beta 1 and it’s available for free download now! This is the ninth developer milestone focused on testing the core functionality provided by many (actually MANY) new features and changes to the platform scheduled for Firefox 3: New features and changes in this milestone that require feedback include: Improved security features such as: better presentation of website identity and security, malware protection, stricter […]

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Asterisk unveils customized Linux distro

Asterisk is an open source/free software implementation of a telephone private branch exchange (PBX) originally created by Mark Spencer of Digium. The basic Asterisk software includes many features available in proprietary PBX systems: voice mail, conference calling, interactive voice response (phone menus), and automatic call distribution. Asterisk is released under a dual license scheme, the free software license being the GNU General Public License (GPL), the other being a proprietary […]

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Linux + 8*PS3 = Cluster for gravity simulation

A certain Gaurav Khanna from University of Massachusetts Dartmouth created computing cluster based on 8 (eight) Sony PlayStation 3 consoles that is meant to simulate gravity processes. The project is named as “PS3 Gravity Grid” and allows to model Binary Black Hole Coalescence using Perturbation Theory. Actually it’s not first case when PS3 is used as a component for cluster as it has not bad Cell Processor and it’s open platform. How do you think, what operating system manages cluster? Windows? Nope. It’s Linux.

ps3 cluster


ps3 rack side


ps3 boxes

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Web server popularity 2007 (October)

Well known Internet services research organization NetCraft just finished web servers popularity survey that showed continuous market share decrease of Apache httpd. This month it lost 2.8% market share. It’s caused by increasing number of MySpace blogs, Live.com hosts and Google’s Blogger servers. Get more information here.

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