Access to real Cisco routers and switches for free

Preparing for Cisco certification exam and need real equipment required to accomplish all those CCNA or CCNP labs? That’s not a problem any more. This is due to availability of Packet Tracer for Linux and Community Lab hosted by people behind As for Packet Tracer it supports Linux natively now — Cisco offers it as deb package for Ubuntu or Debian and there is no need to use Wine […]

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15+ "must have" Cisco Cheat Sheets

cheat sheetBelow is the link list to essential Cisco related cheat sheets (collection of notes or quick reference guides whatever). By the way, we don’t recommend to cheat anything and/or do a cheating of any sort by means of using these materials ;)

1. Cisco IOS Versions what’s this?)
2. Physical Terminations/Connectors (what’s this?)
3. VLANs (what’s this?)
4. Quality of Service (what’s this?)
mpls cheat sheet small 5. MPLS (what’s this?)
6. IP Access Lists what’s this?)
7. Spanning Tree (what’s this?)
8. OSPF (what’s this?)
9. EIGRP (what’s this?)
10. BGP (what’s this?)

11. General Cisco IOS cheat sheet (router/switch commands etc.)
12. Cisco Commands for Beginners
13. Descriptive list of Cisco Commands (fresh)
14. Cisco IOS Firewall Cheat Sheet (Official Design Guide)
15. Cisco – Ethernet Encapsulation (in pdf)
16. Mini CCNA Cheat Sheet
17. CCNA Cheat Sheet (commands debugging)
18. Connector Pinouts Cheat Sheets

Great thanks to Jeremy Stretch (author of for the first 10 cheat sheets from above list (to get them all just download this package).

Information improvisation: We offer best quality test papers and materials. You can get our 100% guaranteed questions & to help you in passing the real exam of training.

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Speedlinks - 18 September 2008

Below are the links which caught my eye this week, I hope that some of them will be useful and interesting for you… Canonical Store is to sell multimedia codecs for Ubuntu. Codecs are developed by Fluendo and Cyberlink. It is still possible to do sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras and get that staff installed… In A comparative look at compact sysadmin distributions article Cory Buford shares the observations he got […]

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Google + Water-based Data Centres = Computer Navy?!

Well, Google is considering to deploy data centres necessary to operate their search engine on barges powering and cooling computers… Sounds strangely? Just read below!

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Comparing Bash with... Windows command line shell...

You may already be known that Microsoft claims that Windows PowerShell (comes with its Vista by default) script language helps IT professionals achieve greater control and productivity and to accelerate the automation during system administration process. As a non-Windows but *nix systems administrator/engineer I was always interested if it is possible to access those functions and objects we can easily get in Bash (of course we are talking about each […]

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