PCLinuxOS that was founded in October 2003 is free, easy-to-use Linux-based operating system for the home. It is distributed as a LiveCD, and can also be installed to a local hard drive. Locally installed versions of pclinuxos 2007PCLinuxOS utilize the Advanced Packaging Tool (or APT), a package management system (originally from the Debian distribution), together with Synaptic, a GUI frontend to APT.

PCLinuxOS differs from the other distros in that it doesn’t have a Debian base. PCLinuxOS gets its genes from Mandrake.

PCLinuxOS has a nice feature that allows the users to take a snapshot of their current hard drive installation (user settings, applications, documents etc.) and compress it into an ISO CD/DVD image allowing them to backup their data easily as well as create custom live CD/DVD.

pclinuxos magazine logo 2007PCLinuxOS Magazine, November 2007 (Issue 15) is available to download as pdf and html versions.

Some highlights include:

  1. Linux Command Line Tutorial
  2. KDE User Guide, Part 10
  3. The Hardware Database Needs You
  4. Linux Directory Structure
  5. Syncing The Repos
  6. And more…

Download pdf or read it here in html.




  1. November 19, 2007  10:14 am by Konrad Reply

    Interesting read but a but light on actual content. From the website and the first page I went in with great expectations and was a bit deflated after reading through. I definately would recomend it for more novice users though :)

  2. November 20, 2007  8:44 am by admin Reply

    Hi Konrad,

    Yeah, you're right... :)

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