pidgin logo[digg-me] One of the best instant messengers named Pidgin (previously Gaim) released it’s latest version 2.3.0. According to developers’ description Pidgin is a multiprotocol IM client and it’s goal is to hide protocols from the user as much as possible (users have to know about individual protocols when they create or modify accounts, but in day-to-day communication and usage, the intent is that users don’t have to think about protocols at all).

Pidgin supports the following protocols:

Read full developer’s changelog here and download Pidgin from It’s available as source tarball, as binary packages for Fedora, CentOS/RHEL and other major Linux distributions, plus 2.3.0 version is ready also for Windows users.




  1. December 2, 2007  10:35 pm by Konrad Reply

    Not sure why, but I like the new name and icon much more now. :)

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