I came across invaluable article on how to make Linux system that runs OpenSSH server to be even more secure. It’s written by 17-year-old (!!!) Peter Upfold from FOSSwire and covers the following simple steps:

  • fosswire logoDisable SSH protocol 1
  • Enable key-based logins
  • Don’t enable password-based logins
  • Don’t run on port 22
  • No remote root logins

I found these tips invaluable and sire that there is no doubt SSH-2 protocol remains the most common and safe method to access remote Linux or Unix system. The article is freely available here.




  1. January 11, 2008  3:12 am by inaequitas Reply

    You might also be interested in running denyhosts to make sure that even normal accounts don't get bruteforced. And while running on a non-standard port will save you from bots and worms, a dedicated would-be intruder will be fingerprinting all your ports for service banners anyway.

  2. December 27, 2010  12:46 pm by Mark Reply

    There is an online tool that can help you with this:

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