A Few Reasons to Love Ubuntu [Guest Post]

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The term “Ubuntu” hails from South Africa and is defined as “humanity or kindness”… The meaning of this word is the whole philosophy behind the operating system named after it — Ubuntu.

The company of Ubuntu believes that software should be available free of charge, that tools should be usable by people in their native language and despite any disabilities, and that users have the accessibility to customize and make changes to their software as they please. Well if that didn’t sound awesome enough, here are a few more reasons to love Ubuntu:

#1: Surf the web quickly and safely. One of the great things Ubuntu has going for it is its equipment for providing you everything you need to browse the web quickly and in a secured fashion. Ubuntu comes with Firefox as a standard browser, but you are also given the option of alternatives like Google Chrome found in the Ubuntu Software Centre. And with the latest in anti-phishing technology, automatic security updates, and Linux’ native defense against viruses… Ubuntu makes sure that all of your information is private and yours alone.

#2: Be professional with office applications. Ubuntu is built with LibreOffice which has the tools necessary to create the most professional level of documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Not only can you use LibreOffice, but Ubuntu is compatible with Microsoft Office so you are able to open and work on projects in Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

#3: Social network and email, galore. Ubuntu comes chalk-full of applications that allow quick and easy communication from the main panel. Here are a few that are sure to keep you connected on levels of both business and play:
Empathy: an app that helps you integrate your chat accounts into one.

  • Thunderbird: gives you access to your emails, address book and calendar—perfect for the business-minded individual.
  • Gwibber: a tool that keeps you up to date with people in your social networks…you can see all of your microblogging feeds in one place.
  • Skype: a video chat app that allows you to video-call your friends, family and colleagues wherever you are.

#4: Get music and go mobile. No matter what your musical tastes, Ubuntu gives you what you need to play, create and edit MP3s, stream music to your PC or phone, buy music or connect to programs like Spotify and Last.fm. Use Ubuntu One to do a number of things like:

  • Sync your music and stream your whole collection straight to your iPhone or Android.
  • Built into the Rythmbox Music Player, the Ubuntu One Music Store offers instant access to millions of songs to purchase. This falls perfectly into the Ubuntu Software Centre’s ability to enable you to purchase commercial software right from the desktop.
  • You get 5GB free storage for your files, contacts and notes — with the option of adding more space if you need it.

#5: Enjoy your pics and video. Ubuntu provides you with tons of free apps to help you manage, edit and share your pictures and videos. Another benefit? The operating system supports any device you use to capture your life so that you won’t need any extra drivers. Try this great app: Shotwell, it helps you import, organize and edit your pictures so that they are ready to share with the world.

#6: Take advantage of the Ubuntu Software Centre. The massive Ubuntu Software Centre brings you access to thousands of free, open-source applications. You will be able to easily install the software and customize your desktop however you choose. Each app comes with reviews and ratings to help you decide which ones you want…and you also have the ability to create and publish your own! Pick your apps from the following categories: Accessories, Games, Science & Engineering, Universal, Access, Graphics, Sound & Video, Education, Internet, Fonts, Office.

Sabrina Jackson is a guest post author who shares with us her input on the operating system, Ubuntu. Sabrina is also an author for Best Free Dating Sites where she covers topics centered on dating and relationships.

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