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You may already be known that Microsoft claims that Windows PowerShell (comes with its Vista by default) script language helps IT professionals achieve greater control and productivity and to accelerate the automation during system administration process. As a non-Windows but *nix systems administrator/engineer I was always interested if it is possible to access those functions and objects we can easily get in Bash (of course we are talking about each operation system’s specific procedures and objects).

And these days I came across a good article “Shell Games” (by Marcus Nasarek) telling about above mentioned matters…

Both Bash and the Windows Vista PowerShell include commands for navigating directories, managing files, and launching other programs. System administration is an important duty for the shell, and Bash and PowerShell are equipped to help manage systems from the command prompt. Whereas Bash typically relies on a combination of newer tools and classic Unix utilities, the PowerShell has its own set of command-line programs. Windows refers to PowerShell commands as cmdlets. The PowerShell cmdlet called Get-Process is a counterpart to ps, and the cmdlet Get-Content corresponds to less. PowerShell differs significantly from previous Windows command shells. In this article, I look at how Windows Vista PowerShell compares with Bash. Read more >>

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