Distribution of the week: BackTrack — Network Security Suite

BackTrack is Live distribution for penetration and security tests. This is how its developers describe it. But there are plenty of tools, utilities, programs behind this brief description. Let’s dig into.

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This distribution started from the merge of two ones: WHAX (or Whoppix) and Auditor Security Collection (the swiss army knife for security assessments). The latest stable version (BackTrack 3) contains more than 300 tools (including such monsters as wireshark, nmap, hping and others) which will be appreciated by every security professional. All tools are categorized into:

1. Information gathering
2. Network Mapping
3. Vulnerability Identification
4. Penetration
5. Privilage Escalation
6. Maintaining Access
7. Covering Tracks
8. Radio Network Analysis (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth)
9. VoIP and Telephony Analysis
10. Digital Forensics
11. Reverse Engineering

The full list of tools with descriptions you can find at official BackTrack wiki, screenshots and documentation are here.

Download Now: CD Image, USB Image. More?


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1 thought on “Distribution of the week: BackTrack — Network Security Suite”

  1. Backtrack 3 was released quite some time ago.

    The Backtrack 4 Beta was released only a few weeks ago, you should be focusing more on that.

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