Fun: How To Make Windows look like Ubuntu Linux

Just came across a site that explains how to make Windows to look like Ubuntu (themes, boot screem, icons)…

If you are using a dual boot system with Ubuntu and Windows, you can clearly notice the limitations Linux has. And for many (myself included), Linux is extremely difficult. After awhile I came to the conclusion that I didn’t t need ubuntu at all, but I still loved to look and feeling.

As it comes from site, Linux has usability limitations. LOL!!! 🙂

make windows look like ubuntu


Stefan Durand

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5 thoughts on “Fun: How To Make Windows look like Ubuntu Linux”

  1. Linux has limations are you stupid,linux is open source.You can do anything I do mean anything you want to do with it.In ubuntu to just click and go.To install you go iin terminal type sudo apt-get install (whatever).

    You surly haven't used linux long if you say it has limits

  2. Linux may not have limits, but other apps do. When it comes to school and/or work it is possible that you may one day need something that you can't (yet) get to work in Linux and you just need an OS that you know it will work in. Thats why I opt for the dual-boot. Windows for work (mainly NI MultiSim, because I know its stable) and Ubuntu to enjoy my computer. As I learn more, I immagine someday I will make the total switch-over to just Linux.

    Also, theres no need to be mean here. If you disagree just state your case. Name-calling just turns people off and they don't want to listen. If you simply say what you believe you're more likely to have them see your point, rather than have them get mad because you called them an idiot. Free speach man! It's a good thing! Just be polite.


  3. I have a dual boot and do just about everything in Ubuntu. the first week or so was hard trying to learn how to use it, but i just googled everything (same as i did for windows if i ever had a problem i couldn't figure out, btw) and it came pretty easy. i can do just about everything on my own now. i believe graphical linux distros (Ubuntu/Fedora/etc) scare people b/c of the infamous terminal window so many Linux/UNIX users are able to use while WIN2k, WinXP, WinVista users are normally not as computer 'literate' to say and would like an environment in which they understand are used to. Linux, mainly pointing out Ubuntu, is just as friendly. just b/c you don't download a file and double click it on your desktop may throw people off, windows also provides the Add/Remove Programs option. except when you want to Add/Remove apps and programs under windoze, it'll ask you where you'll be pulling the install files from. Ubuntu, however, just has you type the name of the app you're looking for in the search box under Add/Remove Programs and then has you check the box and install. Synaptic installs and does everything for you. And you don't have to reboot after every install, mind you. 😉

    And if by limited you mean you can't play games on Linux, again there is a way to do that! Ubuntu not only comes with a bundle of games including MMOs, FPS, RPGs, and all the way back to games as simple as Snake and Pong, but it also comes with Wine, which has finally created a 1.0 stable version and has played every game i've ever wanted to run, other than one. In which case, i'm happy i did a dual boot. you just have to google your question and you get an answer. thank God for a great OS that allows you to do anything you could possibly think of doing with a computer!

  4. yeah i agree linux has no limits
    although a month into using it i swear it must’ve had em back then
    only problem i had was wine didnt quite run stuff as fast as if it where just winblows
    but hey whaddaya expect this piece of shit is like at least 12 years old

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