Get ready to download Fedora 8 (werewolf)!

fedora 8 werewolf releases tomorrowTomorrow the latest release of one of my favorite Linux distributions is to be announced. Fedora 8 (also known as werewolf) release day is arranged at November 8 2007 but it’s time to get ready to download hot ISO images even now…

Here are links to Fedora 8 ISO images that are available today:




Fedora Team maintains their own Bittorrent Tracker that is available here. Actually during downloading mess at first days after announcement this would allow you to download long-awaited ISO image at highest speed (it was demonstrated after Ubuntu Gutsy release). So I recommend to visit this page first.

Today Fedora Project has 208 active public HTTP and FTP mirrors that are listed here. Page containing mirrors that provide Fedora 8 for downloading will be here tomorrow. One of the fastest mirrors is HEAnet that provides http, ftp and rsync at average speed of 4Gbps.

Werewolf screenshots tour is here. Let me also mention that Latest Release Summary would be available here.


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