GIMP to be removed from Ubuntu?

gimp logoThis could be an outstanding news by its significance. The next version of Ubuntu (Lucid Lynx or Ubuntu 10.04) won’t include GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) by default due to its user interface that is too complex… What a #@^*?

Actually complex UI is not the only decision why GIMP should be vanished from Ubuntu so here is the full list:

  • the general user doesn’t use it
  • its user-interface is too complex
  • it’s an application for professionals
  • desktop users just want to edit photos and they can do that in F-Spot
  • it’s a photoshop replacement and photoshop isn’t included by default in Windows…
  • it takes up room on the disc

(taken from here)

Still sounds like fresh nonsense? What about F-Spot as a replacement? Well, an average user most probably claim that above mentioned reasons are true. Maybe that’s why GIMP already dropped from latest Fedora 12. But what should do people who use GIMP every day and loves Ubuntu???

Just execute ‘sudo aptitude install gimp‘ 🙂


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2 thoughts on “GIMP to be removed from Ubuntu?”

  1. sumoman got farther than I ever could in F-Spot. Sometimes I can't find the editing controls. I wish eog had basic editing features like Preview on the Mac.

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