glipper: Clipboard Manager for Gnome

Long time ago when I first tried Linux (it was Debian) there was Gnome desktop manager default on those distribution. Gnome seemed to be the most simple and usable manager especially after I tried KDE. It’s funny now but the only advantage I noticed then in KDE was a clipboard manager available by default and very useful in everyday work. At the moment I use Gnome as default (but I hesitated once 🙂 ) and similar clipboard manager is available for it too. It’s named as Glipper.

Glipper sits in the notification area and collects everything that is copied to the clipboard. It maintains a history both of the “copy” clipboard, usually filled with Ctrl+C and of the “select” clipboard, filled when text is selected. With glipper you can choose an entry from the history to fill the current clipboards. You can see glipper’s icon at the screenshot (fourth icon from right).

glipper in tray

Glipper installation is extremely simple in many Linux distributions as it’s included into many repositories, e.g. use sudo apt-get install glipper in Ubuntu/Debian or sudo yum install glipper in Fedora/RedHat.


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