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go2linux.org logoRecently I came across a nice site named as Linux Operating System (go2linux.org). As it comes from it’s name it is devoted to our favorite Open Source operating system and contains lots of useful information.

Linux newbies would find there all they need, I’m sure. For example here is great tip about how to add Google repository to your favorite Linux distribution package manager (like apt or yum). Actually I didn’t know that Google has it’s own repository for Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and Mandriva :).


Stefan Durand

My name is Stefan, I'm the admin of LinuxScrew. I am a full-time Linux/Unix sysadmin, a hobby Python programmer, and a part-time blogger. I post useful guides, tips, and tutorials on common Linux and Programming issues. Feel free to reach out in the comment section.

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  1. I have read several reports on gOS. Sounded good. I am a long time Mepis user, but I like to try other distros. Never know, I might find the perfect one for me. Downloaded and burned a dvd (the file is too large for CD. It didn’t work, so I dnlded again, burned again in widows XP. No different, can’t run it as live cd. Anyone have any sugestions where this could be posted so the gOS guys would see it? thanks

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