Keep contacts and calendar/datebook of Motorola Razr V3 saved

Some time ago I wrote about syncing mobile phone contacts and calendar with online service ZYB. Today I’d like to share my experience of Motorola Razr V3 sync by means of this free service. I’d like to mention that advantage of this method is that it doesn’t matter what operating system you use, it can be Linux, Apple Mac or even M$ Window$. All operations are done with any browser you use.

First of all register new account at ZYB or login to existing one at After first successful login you’ll be suggested to register your mobile phone model with the online system. Just choose your model in a wide phone models list. In my case I choose Motorola Razr V3.

In order to upload your phone contacts to your contacts and calendar/datebok data to ZYB perform the following operations with your Motorola Razr v3:

1. Go to Menu
2. Go to Connection or connectivity
3. Go to Sync
4. Select New entry
5. Name: ZYB
6. Url:
7. Username: your ZYB login
8. Password: your ZYB password
9. Select Data Paths, click Change
10. Address book: contacts
11. Dateboook: calendar
12. Press Done to save
13. Select ZYB from the list and click on Select to start syn

When sync is done you’ll see your contacts at your personal ZYB page. It’s very comfortable to edit them online and then sync with your Razr V3 by performing 13 step of above operations list.

ZYB provides a feature that allows to sync data between many mobile phones you own. Many phone models are supported, so it would be useful to check if it is supported by ZYB before buying it 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Keep contacts and calendar/datebook of Motorola Razr V3 saved”

  1. do you know how to g

    It is a great article. I tried to do it but could not get the sync menu item on my cell. Do you know how? Thanks a lot!

  2. my problem is that I am using T-Mobile and I don't have "sync" menu item under "Connectivity". I heard that I needed to do some SEEM editing to get that item shown up. It doesn't look very easy.

  3. do you know how to g

    Thanks again for your help. T-mobile does have its own sync service but I could not find it anywhere on my phone. Eventually I was tired of searching for answers and I manually added everything to the new phone. Actually, I bought an iphone and used it on t-mobile. That was the reason I tried to sync my phone book to another service so that I can sync it back to the new iphone.

  4. Do you need to have GPRS/EDGE (Data plan) for this service to work?? I have a T Mobile connection with voice plan,Do I need to get a Data Plan??

  5. I am using zyb BUT the computer entries have correct time, but they show on my phone as 4 hours later!! My time zone is correct, etc. but I keep getting 4 hours later on phone.

  6. zyb does not exist anymore. It's changing to vodaphone360 and the service is not provided thoroughly throughout countries.

    In fact when I tried to register they asked me some information "to inform" me when the service is available in my country and on completion of the form I got a "oops this was not supposed to happen".

    So forget about it entirely for now.


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