Linux Mint Debian Update Pack 4 is out

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The latest update of Linux Mint Debian has been rolled out today. Update pack 4 is applicable for all LMDE users and includes the following updates: Gnome 2 has been upgraded to Gnome Shell, kernel is now 3.2 version, Cinamon and Mate desktops are now available out of the box.

In order to upgrade just use Update Manager that comes with Linux Mint Debian by default, you will see an update mintupdate-debian available today. If you are not Linux Mint user yet then you can download LMDE and follow instructions described in project’s blog.

ISO image with included Update Pack 4 isn’t available for download yet but is planned to be published soon.

Use the following commands to install Cinammon and Mate desktops once upgraded to Update Pack 4:

sudo apt-get install mate-desktop-environment cinammon

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