Midnight Commander 4.6.2: Back to the future

midnight commander

Midnight Commander (mc) is one of the most popular console applications with text user interface that displays file system; it also has the ability to view the contents of RPM files, edit files (with powerful highlighting), connect to samba shares, ftp server etc. and etc. Try "sudo apt-get install mc" in Ubuntu or "sudo yum install mc" in Fedora/Redhat/Centos to install this app.

After almost four years of stagnation developers of GNU Midnight Commander released fresh version of this mega popular file manager. Well, good news for text file managers fans. The latest version 4.6.2 contains numerous updates since previous version which were released in 2005, here are some of them:

- Added a micro helper library in order to go slowly
avay from glib (Closes: #157)
- Use static strings as section entries in ~/.mc/history
WARNING!: This will break old files (Closes: #50)
- Fixed a repaint issue when clicking on the "View" Button instead
of using F3 (Closes: #35)
- Removed obsolete autoconf macros (Closes: #133)
- Fix escaping for command line completion (Closes: #147)
- prevent mc from segfaulting when getting invalid timestamps on files (Closes: #96)
- Fixed a keybord issue when running mc via a putty console (Closes: #203)
- setted pty fd to closeonexec (on subshell) (Closes: #174)
- Fixed file renames, when copying/moving is performed
into deleted directories. (Closes: #181)
- Add an option to show executables first in the panels (Closes: #173)
- Fixed concat_dir_and_file if there is a parameter = NULL (Closes: #180)
- Allow out-of-tree builds (Closes: #224, #208)

Officially mc doesn’t support utf-8 locale while there is corresponding patch available.


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