Namebench: cross-platform DNS benchmarking tool

It was long time ago when I wrote here last time but today I’d like to share the link to an application that would be appreciated by everyone starting from Linux starter wishing to speed up his/her Internet connection and ending with system administrators who may want to run benchmarks and run stress tests against certain DNS service(s). I am talking about Namebench. This is cross platform tool written in Python that makes it possible to easily select the fastest DNS available in your area as well as to run benchmark tests directed to DNS entries.

All what you need to have to start using namebench is Python and Tk library, e.g. if you use Ubuntu or Debian just run the following command to meet namebench library requirements:

sudo apt-get install python python-tk -y

When done go to namebench’s official website and download the latest tarball from there. For example 1.3.1 is the latest version for today so you can download it directly from here. Or you can just take below steps:

cd /usr/src
sudo -s
tar -xvzf namebench-1.3.1-source.tgz
cd namebench-1.3.1

Here you go:

namebench screenshot

The application has the only button so I believe it won’t bring any problems even to Linux newbies 🙂


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