OpenBSD: Secure Mail Server with Postfix, MySQL, ClamAV, SpamAssassin, Amavis-new

openbsd logoFew days ago I started configuring corporate mail server that should be deployed on OpenBSD and comprise the following features:

  1. Easy to configure and powerful MTA (Postfix)
  2. Virtual domains and user accounts (this information is stored in MySQL database)
  3. Antispam and antivirus checking for all accounts (spamassassin and clamav via amavis-new)
  4. Secure access to mailboxes through POP3, IMAP and HTTP (squirellmail)
  5. Secure SMTP server
  6. Extremal Stability and Security

Actually OpenBSD 4.2 was chosen because of it’s “security by default”. Thankfully Daniele Mazzocchio from friendly site wrote an excellent article about how to build such mail server on this operating system:

Offering a reliable and secure email service is probably one of the top priorities of most system administrators; therefore, in the next chapters, we will build a full-featured mail server, based on open-source software and focusing on security. Read more…

The only thing that is not covered by it is mail content filtering with maildrop and vacation messages that users often ask to set while they are out. Working on it! 🙂


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  1. Dear ALL,

    I have a problem i want to configure openBSD MTA cluster. 4 servers 2 MTA and mail box on another servers. active passive failover email servers. any idea or howto plz help me…

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