Poker and Linux [guest post]

Most online poker players take it as a given that they are going to need Windows to play online poker on their favorite site. Windows is the most popular operating system anyway, so this isn’t even something most poker players worry about.

However, what if you are a Linux user? Shouldn’t there be a way for you to play your favorite game with your favorite operating system? Does Windows somehow have a monopoly on the online poker industry? The answer is no. In fact, you can play online poker using Linux. One way to play at the best Linux poker sites is with the Wine application. This is essentially an open source application that creates compatibility for Linux to run Windows programs. No actual Windows software is necessary, as Wine mimics Windows using entirely non-Microsoft code. However, the Wine application will allow you to run programs more commonly run in Windows, such as, in this case, online poker. To get Wine, simply visit Wine HQ online to download/install Wine and WineTools. After completing the setup process, you can run or install poker client software with the wine command. Once complete, you should be able to enjoy online poker with your Linux operating system.

Wine enables online poker Linux play for such prestigious online poker sites as PokerStars, UltimateBet, Party Poker, Titan Poker and Paradise Poker. If you are interested in another poker site, you can do some online research to see other sites that Wine allows Linux to work with, or you can experiment yourself.

However, the above sites probably represent about 90 percent of online poker traffic. You should be able to get what you want using one of these services. Once you’ve been able to install poker software and register for a site, you might want to spend some time watching the action before jumping in with your own money. It’s free to watch, and you might learn a few things about poker from your Windows-using brethren that can help you earn more of their money down the road.


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