Portable and integrated Linux distro for USB drives

FaunOS logoFaunOS is a portable (easy-to-carry), fully integrated Linux operating system with over 500 pre-installed packages. It is specifically designed to run from a portable USB Memory Device (USB Flash Drive). It can also run from a DVD. It does not change or install anything on your hard drive unless you specifically ask it to. This means it is safe to take your USB to a friend’s computer and boot from it (see minimum requirements). When you finish, shutdown, and remove your USB key from your friend’s computer, there is no trace of any of your activity on that computer.

Here are FaunOS features list:

  • Ability to save files back to the USB flash drive.
  • Tools that allow permanent installation to a hard drive. Supports the following install options on a hard drive:
    • Permanent Arch Linux Installer using archin
    • Frugal install (not to be confused with Frugalware Linux) installs the compressed FaunOS files to a hard drive permanently leading to an “unbreakable desktop” meaning the end user can totally ruin everything at runtime. To revert back to the starting point all the user has to do is reboot the machine and everything goes back to normal since all changes happen in RAM (unless the FaunOS session is saved on shutdown).
    • Ability to install additional packages before permanently installing FaunOS to the hard drive.
  • FaunOS Installer for creating additional FaunOS USB drives from within FaunOS.

Stefan Durand

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