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One can say that it is rather trivial task to set Linux gateway (or in other words to set up/change default gateway in Linux operating system) but I noticed that this question is one of the most popular among linux newbies so I decided to post a quick tip here on Linux Screw.

There are two most used ways to set up default gateway using Linux console. Of course modern linux distributions comes with graphical tools and programs for this purpose but old school CLI commands will live forever as are very simple and allow to do the job very quickly:

route add default gw
where is IPv4 IP address of default gatway you would like to set up in your Linux.

ip route add default via

According to general networking recommendation it is a good practice to have gateway’s IP as the last IP from selected pool so very often default gateway’s IP will end with .254 e.g. Anyway using above mentioned commands you can apply ANY default gateway. By the way, if you’d like to delete current default gateway, here is corresponding command:

route del default

Hope it helps!

P.S. Don’t forget that these commands require root previleges.


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