Speedlinks – 18 September 2008

Below are the links which caught my eye this week, I hope that some of them will be useful and interesting for you…

  1. Canonical Store is to sell multimedia codecs for Ubuntu. Codecs are developed by Fluendo and Cyberlink. It is still possible to do sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras and get that staff installed…
  2. In A comparative look at compact sysadmin distributions article Cory Buford shares the observations he got during review of several portable (not more 210 Mb) Linux distros which may be helpful to handle “minor catastrophes”. BTW I prefer RIPLinuX 🙂
  3. T-Mobile, Google and HTC announce that first phone based on Android platform will be out next week (23th of September 2008).
  4. Google is going to launch its own “computer navy” (sea floating data centres). Now jokes – rumors.
  5. Codeweavers company has adapted Google Chrome browser for Linux and Mac platform.
  6. Mozilla asks to display firefox EULA in Ubuntu 8.10. Some people are really disturbed about that.
  7. XFCE 4.6 first alpha is out for public testing.

And we just launched Linux and Open Source News aggregator at Linux Screw, so you are welcome to set it your homepage 😉


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