The Manga Guide to Databases

Just came across one amusing book… Here is what Mana Takahashi (the author) says:

Princess Ruruna is stressed out. With the king and queen away, she has to manage the Kingdom of Kod’s humongous fruit-selling empire. Overseas departments, scads of inventory, conflicting prices, and so many customers! It’s all such a confusing mess. But a mysterious book and a helpful fairy promise to solve her organizational problems—with the practical magic of databases.

In The Manga Guide to Databases, Tico the fairy teaches the Princess how to simplify her data management. We follow along as they design a relational database, understand the entity-relationship model, perform basic database operations, and delve into more advanced topics. Once the Princess is familiar with transactions and basic SQL statements, she can keep her data timely and accurate for the entire kingdom. Finally, Tico explains ways to make the database more efficient and secure, and they discuss methods for concurrency and replication.

Examples and exercises (with answer keys) help you learn, and an appendix of frequently used SQL statements gives the tools you need to create and maintain full-featured databases.

By the way, does anybody know where to buy manga illustrated guide to MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching)?


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  1. Hi,
    Highly impressed with her book. Could anyone provide me with email address of author Mana Takahashi. I would like to request to write more Manga guides on Java, C, XML Programming and System Administration.

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