Tiny perl script for UDP flooding

Sometimes it is necessary to perform UDP flood towards some network device(s) in order to test its behavior in stress… Actually I am sure that every system administrator might use this small perl script for this purpose. Certainly there are many special programs for this but believe me that it is much more easier to do the following:

1. #touch > /tmp/flood.pl
2. #chmod +x /tmp/flood.pl
3. Copy the this code to /tmp/flood.pl:

script paranaid

4. Then /tmp/flood.pl 0 0 0, where is IP you would like to flood with huge amount of UDP datagrams.

Thanks to Ivan Pepelnjak from http://ioshints.blogspot.com/.


Stefan Durand

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4 thoughts on “Tiny perl script for UDP flooding”

  1. hey i dont get this i did it to my friends ip he said it was okay on xbox and i lag my self out nothing happened to him email me i dont get it

  2. Hey im luke I was wondering how to use this script, do you use it in mIRC, i asked my friend dabba and he said that its not for mIRC he said its for xchat or msn addon.

    Thanks for any help.

  3. you need a perl interpreter or upload it to a hosting provider that supports perl scripts and sockets (they usually dont).. it’s allot more powerful when run from a server than your own little computer.

  4. it takes little to “know” intelligence to shoot someone……. maybe you should stop insulting peoples intelligence simpily because of the music they listen to and focus a little more on KNOWING the difference between NO and KNOW. Have a nice day =)

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