TinyFlux 1.0: Minimal Linux Distro

pcflux logoFirst stable version of minimal Linux distribution named TinyFlux 1.0 is now released.

As it comes from it’s name TinyLinux is extremely lightweight Linux distro based on popular Desktop manager FluxBox. This is the first stable release of the PCFluxboxOS series and it’s authors are very proud of it 🙂

TinyFlux stands for:

  • Being as small an ISO as possible
  • Providing near-complete desktop Linux experience
  • Working well on even old hardware

There are no KDE or QT3 applications in TinyFlux – all the applications are GTK (including GNOME and XFCE) based. This helps it to keep the install size as small as possible in line with a consistent look and feel.Here’s TinyLinux list of features:

TinyFlux 1.0 screenshot fluxboxFluxbox version is 1.0rc3 (it has better tabbed window support than 0.9.x – just middle click on a tab and place it on top of another open tab to get tabbed window browsing).

The default file manager is Thunar (XFCE file manager that is easy to use and configure, it also provides all the drag and drop functionality, includes integrated archive support, media automount and autoplay and many other useful features).

Emelfm is also included (it’s simple, but powerful split-screen file manager, very handy for shift loads of files from one location to another).

Searchmonkey (powerful desktop search tool).

XArchiver provides archiving capabilities for many archive formats around – zip, rar, tar.gz, tar.bz2 and others.

Brasero (little CD/DVD burning application with a full GUI for copying CDs/DVDs, burning audio CDs, data CDs/DVDs or ISO images).

TinyFlux 1.0 screenshot netscapeNetscape Navigator for web browsing (it uses the same gecko engine as Firefox).

Dillo (provides very fast and resource-light web browsing, useful for old/slow hardware).

Sylpheed (provides a similar experience to Outlook Express or Thunderbird).

TinyFlux 1.0 screenshotAbiword is the standard word processor. It comes with plugins providing full support for MS .doc and Open Office .odt files, many image file types including JPEG, PNG and TIFF and aspell English spell checker.

Evince (light but versatile PDF and postscript document viewer).

Galculator is a good looking calculator with basic and scientific modes.

You can download Live CD with TinyLinux 1.0 (it can be installed permanently onto HDD) via http from here or get it via bittorrent from here.


Stefan Durand

My name is Stefan, I'm the admin of LinuxScrew. I am a full-time Linux/Unix sysadmin, a hobby Python programmer, and a part-time blogger. I post useful guides, tips, and tutorials on common Linux and Programming issues. Feel free to reach out in the comment section.

3 thoughts on “TinyFlux 1.0: Minimal Linux Distro”

  1. nice distro, im using it as i refuse to dump my old computer

    and it is the only stable distro which has run on it smootly

    ive tried dsl, puppy, xubuntu but my old hardware have had problems with these distros, finally ive found tinyflux and is amazing!!

    small footprint

    and quite fast

    my old computer will die in a decent way, serving as a linux box

    and wont die soon!!!

    bye blue screen of death

  2. I know this reply is rather late but I wanted to chime in. I have an older Thinkpad X30 that I absolutely love because of its small size. It’s great for traveling and carrying in my messenger bag when on my bike commuting. TinyFlux brought new life to this great little laptop. I installed it a week ago and haven’t found anything bad to report about it.

  3. I don't like this distrib – I coudn't install such packages, witch i wanted.

    Yeah, it's small, it works, but i searching for a realy tinny linux with gui, and eclipse + java + cpp + php5 + mysql + apache + sshd .

    So i start to download a debian, and build the whole system from the very-very start.

    But nice try. ty!



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