Ubuntu Document Storage Facility

ubuntu forums logoUbuntu Document Storage Facility (UDSF) is fully indexed archive of some of the best howtos, tricks and tips that were generated by Ubuntu Forum Community.

It’s contributed by UDSF Team who describe it as:

A centralized repository for information that is produced on the forums: a public forum library, a knowledgebase. An effort to record and maintain the forum community-based documents that have a tendency to get lost in the lightning-fast pace of the vibrant participation, the UDSF seeks to replicate the organization of the most frequently accessed areas of the forums, and optimize the already-familiar information architecture with a well-developed dynamic hierarchy and content chunks.

The UDSF strives to be a dynamic, well-organized knowledgebase, decreasing the amount of time a user spends trying to find information that was previously posted/discussed on the forum. The UDSF also serves as a self-service forum library; as a rule, this capacity should make the interaction simpler for both, the forum users and the forum staff.

I found UDSF very useful for me. Respect!


Stefan Durand

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