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Create .deb or .rpm from .tar.gz with checkinstall

Checkinstall is extremely useful utility to create .deb packages for Debian, Ubuntu (or .rpm packages for Fedora, RedHat, CentOs) from .tar.gz (or .tgz) source tarball after it’s compiled at your Linux box. In other words you can prepare binary package for later usage without need to compile software from sources every time you need to get it installed on certain Linux box. Another application of checkinstall is software deinstallation that was compiled and installed from sources. As you might already noticed, not every programmer adds … Read more

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Why did Ubuntu become so popular? UbuntuCat’s point of view.

Ubuntu (featured logo)

Were you wondering why Ubuntu is Linux distribution #1 for new users (and not new) and how could it become so popular leaving behind such old-times like Mandriva, Linspire, Fedora and even Ubuntu’s ancestor Debian? I was. And as for me, I think that people stick to community rather than to technology… Do you agree? 🙂 Here is the nice article to read in which UbuntuCat (one of the most active writers at ubuntuforums.org) tries to find out how did Ubuntu end up so popular… … Read more

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FAQ: How to disable directory browsing in apache/httpd?

Question: How can I disable building of directory index in apache/httpd? In other words, how to prevent users from seeing the contents of published directories? Answer: Actually you are totally right that you wish to disable this feature. One of the “must do’s” on setting a secure apache web server is to disable directory browsing. Usually apache comes with this feature enabled but its always a good idea to get it disabled unless you really need it. First of all find where is the main apache’s … Read more