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KDE Neon Linux Mini Review 2022 + Screenshots

KDE Plasma 5 Neon review screenshots

This review will show you what KDE Plasma 5 and KDE Neon look like in 2022, from installation to the desktop, and provide some thoughts on usability and how it stacks up against other GUIs like Gnome and MATE. What is KDE? KDE is a Desktop Environment mainly used on Linux systems.  It has since grown into a large development communitity working on a variety of desktop software projects including UI frameworks for use with the KDE desktop environment, and a suite of applications including … Read more

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How to Count Files in a Directory in Linux/Ubuntu

Linux Count Files in Directory

This tutorial will show you how to count the number of files/folders in a directory on Linux, both recursively and non-recursively. The wc Command The wc (word count) command counts lines and words. It’s useful here as we’ll use it to count the outputted lines from various tools which list the files in a directory or directories. The below examples will show you how to use the wc command to count files. If you want to know more about it, you can check out the full user manual by running: man … Read more

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How to Install PowerShell in Linux/Ubuntu

Install Powershell in Linux

This easy-to-follow tutorial shows you how to install PowerShell on a variety of Linux systems. What is PowerShell? Like Linux has Bash, Zsh, and other interactive shells for issuing commands to the system via the terminal, Windows has PowerShell. It’s the successor to the Windows Command Prompt. It allows the user to type commands for execution and provides features for automation and scripting. And now, it runs on Linux. This is useful if you administer Windows servers remotely or interact with Microsoft’s Azure Cloud services. Certain tasks in Office 365 … Read more

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Arch Linux vs Ubuntu Linux – Which is To Choose?

Arch Vs Ubuntu

This article will explain Linux Distributions, Ubuntu, and Arch Linux, and give you some information to help choose between them. Linux Distributions The Linux Kernel is the core of the Linux Operating System – it handles the basic operations and interfaces with the computer hardware allowing software (like desktop interfaces, web browsers, and word processors) to run on top of it. On its own, the average user can’t do much with the Linux Kernel alone. A Linux Distribution (or distro for short) is an Operating System that … Read more

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Running Ubuntu in VirtualBox on Windows/Mac [Tutorial]

Running Ubuntu In VirtualBox

Here’s a straightforward set of instructions (with lots of screenshots) on how to set up Ubuntu Linux in VirtualBox for running Ubuntu in a Virtual Machine on Windows 10 and macOS. VirtualBox allows you to set up and run virtual machines on your computer easily.  A virtual machine is a whole computer, virtualized running on top of your current operating system – allowing you to try out and experiment with new operating systems and tools without reformatting your computer. Download and Install Virtualbox The first … Read more

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How To Fix Broken Packages in Ubuntu [Tutorial]

How To Fix Broken Packages in Ubuntu

Package managers like apt are one of the big selling points of Linux operating systems and Ubuntu – a vast curated collection of software that can do just about anything, available with a few keypresses. A vetted and (usually) reliable source of great software to meet any task. However, when something can go wrong, eventually it will go wrong. A package may only partially install or conflict with something else in your system environment. Maybe an update is pushed out that breaks an installation. When this happens, Ubuntu has a few … Read more

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Setting up a LAMP Stack on Ubuntu 20.04 (And Raspberry Pi)

LAMP Stack on Ubuntu

This tutorial covers setting up a full LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) web stack, including HTTP server, MySQL database, and PHP for app logic. This is commonly called a LAMP server – Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP. Linux rules the web server world – the operating system powers the vast majority of web servers worldwide. Apache is a popular web server – the software with which web browsers connect to receive content. MySQL is a popular database server – it stores information in rows and columns inside tables. There is also a drop-in replacement … Read more

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Top 3 Best Linux Distro for Gaming in 2021

Best Linux Distro for Gaming

This article will take you through our top 3 picks of the best Linux distributions for gaming in 2021. Best Linux Gaming Distros There are so many Linux distributions available for a multitude of purposes, but there are not many Linux distros with gaming at the forefront. However, many distros are great for gaming. Let’s discuss the honorable mentions, each distribution has its purpose and could be a good fit for you. Pop!_OS Aside from the asinine use of punctuation, Pop!_OS is a really great Linux … Read more

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Checking for Available Disk Space on Ubuntu [Guide]

check disk space in ubuntu

This simple guide explains how to check how much disk space is available in Ubuntu Linux. The df command tells you how much space is being used on each storage volume attached to your Linux system. To run it, simply execute the following command in your terminal: df Which outputs: Easy! But, it’s a bit difficult to read at a glance – the -h option makes everything human-readable: df -h Which outputs: However, there’s a lot of junk in there- we can ignore the /dev/loop* entries by omitting filesystems of the squashfs type: df … Read more

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How to Install Kali Linux [Easy Guide]

Install Kali Linux

Kali Linux is a Linux distribution built from the ground up for Penetration Testing and Security Auditing. This step-by-step tutorial explains how to install it quickly and easily. What does that mean? It means Kali Linux is for trying to break into (your own) networks and computers to check for vulnerabilities. It contains hundreds of tools for testing for security vulnerabilities and tools for computer forensics, reverse engineering, and security research. Kali Linux can be run from a CD or USB stick or installed like any other Linux distribution … Read more