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How to Build a Raspberry Pi Internet Kiosk

Raspberry Pi Internet Kiosk

This tutorial will show you how to build an internet kiosk using a Raspberry Pi and FullPageOS. It can also be used as digital signage! Internet kiosks are useful when you want to allow your customers or visitors to be able to use the internet – to browse a catalogue or access services – but want to limit them to the web browser only, and make sure that they can only use the websites you deem necessary (or appropriate). FullPageOS provides this functionality for free … Read more

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Pop!_OS on the Raspberry Pi [Review]

Pop!_OS Raspberry Pi Review

Pop!_OS has made it to the Raspberry Pi.  This Linux distribution has become quite popular over the last few years – so how does it perform on the tiny single board computer? Read on to find out. Pop!_OS is a relatively new distribution which aims to provide an out-of-the-box Linux experience appropriate for STEM, creativity, gaming, and general use.  It largely succeeds at all of these (and I’ve used it for various projects), so I am interested to see how it performs on a Raspberry … Read more

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Building a Raspberry Pi 4 WiFi Access Point + Airplay Server

Raspberry Pi Access Point and Airplay

This tutorial will detail how to build a wireless access point using a Raspberry Pi 4 with hostapd. I’ll also set up an Airplay server using shairport-sync so that my access point can play music. There are a number of tutorials for setting up a Raspberry Pi as an access point, but many are outdated or don’t work – this one does! The Setup I want to set up my Pi as an access point – supplying internet via ethernet cable and broadcasting a wireless network. I’ll be … Read more

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Browsing the Internet on a 1989 Macintosh II with a Web Rendering Proxy

Browsing the Internet on a 1989 Macintosh II with a Raspberry Pi

For completely impractical reasons I decided to try and browse the internet using my 1989 Macintosh IICI computer. Here’s how it went. I’ve previously tried web browsing with Web Rendering Proxy on a 1993 Windows 3.11 computer, and thought I’d see how the Apple experience stacks up. Setting up the Raspberry Pi with Web Rendering Proxy Web Rendering Proxy is a neat little tool that lets you browse the internet from older devices. It works by rendering a modern web-page in a modern Chromium browser, … Read more

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DIY Raspberry Pi Powered Pinball Machine [Kitchen Build]

Raspberry Pi Powered Pinball

This article will show you how I built a DIY Raspberry Pi Powered Pinball game using GDevelop and an Arduino to add physical push-buttons to control the game. GDevelop is a zero-code game development studio, so this article has almost no coding required. I’ve been meaning to check out GDevelop for a while, so I’ve combined a simple GDevelop game with a 2-button Arduino game controller to make a little virtual pinball machine.  Here’s the finished product in action! What We’re Building As you can … Read more

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DIY Raspberry Pi Chopping Board HomeLab

Raspberry Pi Chopping Board Lab

Here’s an odd solution I came up with to deal with the tangled mess that is my Raspberry Pi HomeLab – mounting it on a cheap kitchen chopping board. There’s not a lot more to be said for it really – it’s a Raspberry Pi attached to a chopping board. But why? I noticed that the micro-HDMI connection to the Pi was getting wonky – every time I shifted things around force was applied to the tiny connector.  I wanted to mount the Pi and … Read more

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DietPi – A lightweight Raspberry Pi OS Alternative

Diet-Pi - A lightweight Raspberry Pi OS Alternative

Here’s a quick screenshot walk-through of the installation of DietPi OS for Raspberry Pi.  DietPi is a minimalist but fully featured alternative to Raspberry Pi OS.  I’ve run through the install process so that you can see how everything looks before trying it yourself. Previously, we covered TwisterOS – another Raspberry Pi targetted Linux distribution  which aims to be super user friendly and includes a lot of extra software – check it out if you don’t think the minimalist DietPi is for you. Download & … Read more

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How to Install OSMC Media Center on Raspberry Pi [Screenshots]

How to Install OSMC Media Center on Raspberry Pi

This step-by-step guide will walk you through installing the OSMC media center software on a Raspberry Pi.  Screenshots of the whole process are provided so that you can follow along! LibreELEC, OpenELEC or OSMC – What’s The Best? LibreELEC, OpenELEC and OSMC are the most popular media center solutions for the Raspberry Pi. I’ve chosen to use OSMC for my media center.  OSMC provides an easy and fast way to get Kodi up and running on a Raspberry Pi. OSMC provides Debian based Linux OS … Read more

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Installing Pi-Hole Ad Blocker on a Raspberry Pi Zero

Installing Pi-Hole Ad Blocker on Raspberry Pi Zero

Ads are annoying and they slow down your internet browsing experience.  Here’s how to block them for your whole network using Pi-Hole and a Raspberry Pi Zero. No-one likes ads. Ads interrupt videos.  Ads crowd up web pages while you’re trying to read. Ads pop up at the worst moment. There are probably ads competing for your attention while you try to read this right now. Pi-Hole to the Rescue Pi-Hole is an ad blocking solution that blocks ads for your whole network – including … Read more

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Browsing the Internet on a 1993 Windows 3.11 All-In-One PC

Internet Browsing in Windows 3.11 via Raspberry Pi

I found some cool software called Web Rendering Proxy that lets your browse the internet on vintage computers and decided to try it out – here’s how it went. The result of this was that yes, I could browse the internet, and that yes, it was a completely miserable experience. But it was worth it anyway. What’s Involved A computer with an ethernet adapter Windows 3.11 For Workgroups Google will help you find a copy if you need one Microsoft TCP/IP-32 3.11b for Windows for Workgroups Again, … Read more