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DIY Raspberry Pi Chopping Board HomeLab

Here’s an odd solution I came up with to deal with the tangled mess that is my Raspberry Pi HomeLab – mounting it on a cheap kitchen chopping board.

There’s not a lot more to be said for it really – it’s a Raspberry Pi attached to a chopping board.

But why?

I noticed that the micro-HDMI connection to the Pi was getting wonky – every time I shifted things around force was applied to the tiny connector.  I wanted to mount the Pi and the HDMI adapter to something so that it couldn’t be yanked side-to-side.

While I was at it, I decided to just mount everything I usually have connected to my Raspberry Pi to a chopping board.

Holes were drilled and zip-ties were used to secure everything.

raspberry pi chopping board1

Present are:

The whole setup is now easy to unplug, pick up, and move.  The screen is good enough for terminal and light administration tasks.

I can prop it up on a desk and access the USB and GPIO ports for a bit of hardware hacking.

raspberry pi chopping board5

If I just want it performing server duties I can hang it in the closet.

raspberry pi chopping board2

Not the most elegant looking solution – but it cost a dollar, and it works.

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