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Installing Pi-Hole Ad Blocker on a Raspberry Pi Zero

Installing Pi-Hole Ad Blocker on Raspberry Pi Zero

Ads are annoying and they slow down your internet browsing experience.  Here’s how to block them for your whole network using Pi-Hole and a Raspberry Pi Zero. No-one likes ads. Ads interrupt videos.  Ads crowd up web pages while you’re trying to read. Ads pop up at the worst moment. There are probably ads competing for your attention while you try to read this right now. Pi-Hole to the Rescue Pi-Hole is an ad blocking solution that blocks ads for your whole network – including … Read more

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Browsing the Internet on a 1993 Windows 3.11 All-In-One PC

Internet Browsing in Windows 3.11 via Raspberry Pi

I found some cool software called Web Rendering Proxy that lets your browse the internet on vintage computers and decided to try it out – here’s how it went. The result of this was that yes, I could browse the internet, and that yes, it was a completely miserable experience. But it was worth it anyway. What’s Involved A computer with an ethernet adapter Windows 3.11 For Workgroups Google will help you find a copy if you need one Microsoft TCP/IP-32 3.11b for Windows for Workgroups Again, … Read more

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How to Install OpenWRT on a Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi OpenWRT

This article will show you how to install the OpenWRT operating system on a Raspberry Pi. I’ve previously covered this as part of our Installing OpenWrt on a BT HomeHub 5 article, but I thought I’d break it out on its own to make it easier to find for people who don’t want to wade through all of that just for the Raspberry Pi bit. What is OpenWRT? OpenWRT is a Linux-based OS designed to power routers and other networking devices. It comes tailored with … Read more

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Rasperry Pi RetroPie Emulation Station Install Walkthrough (Video Games on Pi)

retropie video game emulation raspberry pi

This guide will walk you through the installation and configuration of RetroPie (a Linux distribution with Emulation Station pre-configured) and where to source some legal retro game console ROMS. RetroPie is a ready-to-use Linux OS for your Raspberry Pi, which has everything already configured and ready to emulate NES, SNES, GameBoy, Nintendo 64, Playstation, Sega, and many other game consoles. The installation and configuration steps are super easy.  I’ve documented them below with screenshots and notes.  Once RetroPie is up and running, I’ll install a … Read more

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TwisterOS For Raspberry Pi Does It All [Screenshots/Review]

twister os for raspberry pi

Here’s a screenshot-heavy review of Twister OS – a weird, kitchen-sink included Linux OS for Raspberry Pi with tools for emulation, gaming, and overclocking.  It even comes with Windows and macOS themes! Rather than make you read about what it does, I’ve included screenshots walking through the process of downloading, installing, and running Twister OS.  I’ve included some commentary, but the screenshots should let you decide for yourself whether you want to give this odd OS a go. First up, downloading and installing Twister OS … Read more

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Quick and Dirty CCTV with Raspberry Pi, MotionEyeOS + Webcam

home cctv motioneyeos

In this article, I’ll walk through the process of setting up MotionEyeOS on a Raspberry Pi, using a cheap USB webcam to create a DIY CCTV system. MotionEyeOS is a pre-configured Linux distribution that turns your Raspberry Pi into a home CCTV system.  You can set up multiple cameras and set them to detect motion or record on a timer, and send the resulting photos and videos to you via email or save them to online storage. What You’ll Need A Raspberry Pi A USB … Read more

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DIY Raspberry Pi/Python Powered PACHINKO [Kitchen Build]

Raspberry Pi Python Pachinko

Pachinko? Pichinko? Pychinko? I’ve been playing around with is idea for a while because… I don’t know; it seemed like a cool concept. That’s my whole motivation. Here’s a Raspberry Pi and Python-powered pachinko machine. This project is really basic, so it’s good for beginners, and the result is a lot of fun to mess with and would make a good desk ornament to fidget with or something for the kids to build on a rainy day to learn about coding and circuits and all … Read more

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Raspberry Pi & Python Powered Tank Part III: More Tank

Python Powered Tank Part III More Tank

This was only meant to be a two-parter, but I couldn’t leave well enough alone. Raspberry Pi & Python Powered Tank Part III is an update with better Python code and an improved design. I’ve gone back to fix the biggest issues that were left after Part II. I’ve omitted a bit of the mucking about in this article to keep it focused on what worked. How Did We Get Here? If you haven’t yet checked out the full build process, here are the previous … Read more

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Setting up a LAMP Stack on Ubuntu 20.04 (And Raspberry Pi)

LAMP Stack on Ubuntu

This tutorial covers setting up a full LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) web stack, including HTTP server, MySQL database, and PHP for app logic. This is commonly called a LAMP server – Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP. Linux rules the web server world – the operating system powers the vast majority of web servers worldwide. Apache is a popular web server – the software with which web browsers connect to receive content. MySQL is a popular database server – it stores information in rows and columns inside tables. There is also a drop-in replacement … Read more

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Raspberry Pi & Python Powered Tank – Part II

Raspberry Pi Python Powered Tank Part II

This is part 2 of the Raspberry Pi and Python powered tank project. In this article, we attempt to display a live video stream and buttons to control the tank in a web UI. In the Last Episode In part 1, I gutted a toy tank and wired in a Raspberry Pi, and wrote some Python to make it move around. Now, to write a remote control interface that runs in a web browser, with a live video stream and buttons to control the motors. … Read more