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How to assign range of IP addresses in Linux?

As we know Linux allows to assign almost unlimited number of IP addresses to its interfaces. Such additional IPs applied to the same NIC are known as secondary IP addresses or just secondaries. Some time ago i faced a problem on how to apply about 500 IP addresses to one Linux box and then ensure that all of them get online after Linux reboots. There are several ways to accomplish this taks so i would like to share them all. Shell script with ifconfig commands … Read more

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How to monitor traffic at Cisco router using Linux (Netflow)

Cisco (featured logo)

By default Cisco IOS doesn’t provide any traffic monitoring tools like iftop or iptraff available in Linux. While there are lots of proprietary solutions for this purpose including Cisco Netflow Collection, you are free to choose nfdump and nfsen open source software to monitor traffic of one or many Cisco routers and get detailed monitoring data through your Linux command line or as graphs at absolutely no cost. Below is beginner’s guide that helps to quickly deploy netflow collector and visualizer under Linux and impress … Read more