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How to Grep for Multiple Words, Strings and Patterns

How to Grep for Multiple Words Strings and Patterns 1

This guide explains how to use the grep utility for searching multiple words, strings, and patterns. You can find full examples of the commands used to accomplish this below. What Is Grep? When we refer to grep, we’re talking about the command-line function. Grep stands for Global Regular Expression Print. In essence, it will search input files looking for lines that are a match to a certain regular expression. It then returns results by writing each line for standard output. The grep utility is suitable … Read more

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How to Get CPU Information on Linux

how to get cpu information linux

Within your computer, the central processing unit, aka the CPU, is a critical component. Despite its essential nature in performing countless data processing functions, many of us likely know very little about the CPU, hidden away inside the computer out of sight as it works its magic. Thankfully, finding CPU information on Linux systems is fairly straightforward, so let’s take a look at how it’s done. Why You Might Need CPU Information There are a few reasons why someone may want to obtain further CPU … Read more

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How to Convert a String to int in Python (and Int to String)

how to convert string int python 1

This article explains how to convert a string into an integer in Python. When you are looking to program with Python, it’s essential that you are aware of the different data types that you may be dealing with. The way your data is stored will depend on which kind of data it is and each kind of data operates in a different manner. Different data types in Python Data types that you’re likely to encounter fall under the categories of numeric, string, and boolean. Simply … Read more