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DIY Raspberry Pi Laptop/Palmtop Computer [Kitchen Build]

DIY Raspberry Pi Palmtop

There was once a PC form factor known as the ‘Palmtop’ and it was good. Then, tablets appeared and pretty much wiped them out completely. I am still a huge fan of palmtops – they’re great for travel or getting some light work done in the park without having to lug about a full laptop, try and type on a tablet screen, or trying to angle those awful tablet keyboard cases on your lap so that they don’t collapse. There are a few modern attempts … Read more

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Making POST Requests with cURL

post requests curl

cURL is a package that contains various tools for transferring data between remote servers. It supports FTP, Windows Shares, Mail Servers, and of course Web Servers using HTTP. Downloading a file from the Linux shell is usually accomplished using the cURL command like so: curl http://example.org/file.zip –output file.zip This makes the request for the file using the GET method and simply downloads it. This article will detail how to use cURL to make a POST request, including form data. This may be useful if the server requires … Read more