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Running External Programs in Python with subprocess [Examples]

Python subprocess

This article will show you how to use the Python subprocess module to run external programs and scripts from Python. It is often necessary to call external applications from Python. Usually these are command-line applications which you can use to perform tasks outside of the Python environment, like manipulating files, or interacting with third party services. For example, you might call the wget command to retrieve a remote file. Any application which is accessible on the command line is available to subprocess, and can be executed from within Python. You … Read more

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for…in Loops in JavaScript – How to Use Them

JavaScript for...in loop

The for…in loop in JavaScript loops over all of the properties in an object. This article will explain why and how to use it. JavaScript Objects JavaScript objects are a kind of variable which store the properties for an item you are representing in your code. For example, you may have a car object, which of which the make, year, model, and colour of a car are it’s properties. Each car object would have it’s own separate list of properties which define that car. JavaScript objects can also be used as hash tables – providing … Read more