Brad Morton

I'm Brad, and I'm nearing 20 years of experience with Linux. I've worked in just about every IT role there is before taking the leap into software development. Currently, I'm building desktop and web-based solutions with NodeJS and PHP hosted on Linux infrastructure. Visit my blog or find me on Twitter to see what I'm up to.

Python Scatter Plots

Python Scatter Plots with Matplotlib [Tutorial]

Graphs are awesome. If you disagree, you probably shouldn’t read on. The best (and easiest!) way to create graphs and scatter plots in Python is using the package Matplotlib. This tutorial explains exactly how to do so. What is matplotlib? I’ll let them introduce themselves in their… Read More »Python Scatter Plots with Matplotlib [Tutorial]

LAMP Stack on Ubuntu

Setting up a LAMP Stack on Ubuntu 20.04 (And Raspberry Pi)

This tutorial covers setting up a full LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) web stack, including HTTP server, MySQL database, and PHP for app logic. This is commonly called a LAMP server – Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP. Linux rules the web server world – the operating system powers the vast majority of web… Read More »Setting up a LAMP Stack on Ubuntu 20.04 (And Raspberry Pi)