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Cron Job Every Year (Crontab)

This page will help you quickly and easily set up a cron job to run every year.

The Cron Job/Crontab

To have your task run at this frequency, use the following cron:

0 0 1 1 *

This cron command translates to the following (in Human-Readable format):

“Every year.”

What is a Cron Job & Crontab?

A cron job is a Linux utility used for scheduling the execution of commands or scripts at a specified time and date. Cron is typically used for system maintenance or administration, such as running backups or log rotation.

A crontab is a file that contains a list of commands to be executed by the cron daemon. The commands in the crontab are executed at the specified times.

Cron Fields

Every cron job uses five fields. Here is an explanation of what each field does in this cron, which runs “every year“:

  • Field 1: (0) indicates that the task will be run at minute 0.
  • Field 2: (0) indicates that the task will be run at hour 0 (12 am).
  • Field 3: (1) indicates that the task will be run on day 1 of every month.
  • Field 4: (1) indicates that the task will be run in January.
  • Field 5: (*) indicates that the task will be run every day of the week.

    FUN FACT: If a cron job is not properly configured, it might never execute – so make sure you double-check your settings before setting one up!.

    Use Cases

    You might want to set up a crontab or cron job to run every year for several reasons, including:

    • Create a yearly budget
    • Plan for the upcoming year
    • Set New Year’s resolutions
    • Look back on the past year

    Similar Cron Jobs

    You might also want to run a crontab:

    FUN FACT: Cron jobs can be used to automate just about any task that needs to be performed regularly – so get creative and see what you can come up with!.

    Wrapping Up

    In this article, you learned how to set up a cron job that runs every year. Please share this page with friends and colleagues if you find it useful.

    If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to comment below.

    If you are looking for cron jobs that run at certain minutes, hours, days, weekdays, or months, or if you are looking for miscellaneous cron jobs, then check out our relevant sections, or visit our crontab cheat sheet for a list of hundreds of popular cron jobs.


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