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GNU GRUB Simplified for Newbies

gnu grub logoGNU GRUB is a boot loader package from the GNU Project. GRUB is the reference implementation of the Multiboot Specification, which allows a user to have several different operating systems on their computer at once, and to choose which one to run when the computer starts. GRUB can be used to select from different kernel images available on a particular operating system’s partitions, as well as to pass boot-time parameters to such kernels.

Here is the Joydeep Bakshi’s GBUB guide that is distibuted under Open Content License and covers the following fields:

  • MBR, boot sector, boot loader
  • Backup & Restore boot loader
  • Grub stage1, stage2, stage3 and relation among them
  • Making Grub Floppy
  • Making Grub CD
  • Making Grub Pen drive
  • stage1 and stage2 on different media
  • Grub’s device and device.map file
  • Grub Rescue
  • Super Grub Disk
  • Grub’S GUI configuration
  • Manual booting with Grub shell
  • Disk investigation with Grub

Read full guide here…

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