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Nokia E61/E62 sync with Evolution in Kubuntu

This step-by-step manual, kindly provided by mjfleck2000, tells how to sync Nokia E-series E61 and E62 with Gnome Evolution under Kubuntu.

  1. Add repositories to /etc/apt/sources.list (each source in one line):
    deb dapper main
    deb-src dapper main
  2. Add repository gpg key to apt-get:
    gpg –keyserver hkp://subkeys.pgp.net/ –recv-keys CB210090B029CB84
    gpg –export CB210090B029CB84 | sudo apt-key add –
  3. sudo apt-get update
  4. apt-get install libopensync-plugin-kdepim libopensync-plugin-file libopensync-plugin-google-calendar libopensync-plugin-synce libopensync-plugin-syncml libopensync0 opensyncutils msynctool multisync-qad
  5. Plug in Bluetooth/Usb adapter.
  6. sudo hcitool dev… this should show the computer’s bluetooth mac #
  7. sudo hcitool scan… should show the E62 bluetooth mac #
  8. you can use “sdptool browse“ to get detailed info on phone and what channels it uses. For syncing you want the channel for “Nokia SyncML Server”
  9. sudo kate /etc/bluetooth/hcid.conf
  10. remove the “#” from in front of auth enable;
  11. sudo mknod /dev/rfcomm0 c 216 0
  12. sudo kate /etc/bluetooth/rfcomm.conf
  13. Type:
    add rfcomm0 {
    device 00:18:C5:43:19:2B; (# from #7 above)
    channel 14;
    comment “NokiaE62”;
  14. sudo sdptool add –channel=10 OPUSH (this is to allow file transfer).
    You want the channel that is “SyncMLClient”.
  15. sudo kate /etc/bluetooth/hcid.conf
    change passkey from 1234 to whatever number you want.
  16. just in case, I also did sudo kate /etc/bluetooth/pin
    and changed the default 1234 to my new passkey
  17. sudo /etc/init.d/bluez-utils restart (for dapper) or /etc/init.d/bluetooth restart (edgy)
  18. Enable bluetooth on E62.
  19. Menu->Settings->Bluetooth->Bluetooth On
  20. Menu->Settings->Bluetooth->My phone’s visibility Shown to all
  21. Menu->Settings->Bluetooth->My phone’s name NokiaE62
  22. Menu->Settings->Bluetooth->RemoteSChip mode On or Off, didn’t matter
  23. Pair NokiaE62 with computer
  24. Menu->Settings->Bluetooth-> push joystick to the right to change to paired device menu
  25. Select Options
  26. Select New paired device
  27. Found MyComputer-0
  28. Select
  29. Enter passkey that is the same as item as passkey above
  30. Select yes to automatically authorize
  31. Push in joystick
  32. Select Assign short name
  33. Give a name to this computer
  34. Exit
  35. Try to send a file from KDE
  36. Kmenu->Internet, Bluetooth OBEX, drag and drop, send
  37. As user (not root!)
  38. msynctool –addgroup nokia (or whatever name you want)
  39. msynctool –addmember nokia kdepim-sync
  40. msynctool –addmember nokia syncml-obex-client
  41. hcitool scan
  42. msynctool –configure nokia 2
    here is my nokia file
    <?xml version=”1.0″?>
    <!– (Only for blue) The bluetooth address if the bluetooth mode is selected –>
    <bluetooth_address>00:18:C5:43:19:2B</bluetooth_ad dress>
    <!– (Only for blue) The bluetooth channel to use (usualy the 11) [x] –>
    <!– (Only for USB) The usb interface number of the SYNCML-SYNC target. use syncml-obex-client -u (as root!) to find it. –>
    <!– The string that the plugin will use to identify itself. Some devices need a special string here. –>
    <!– The syncml version to use: 0 for 1.0, 1 for 1.1 and 2 for 1.2 –>
    <!– if the plugin should use wbxml –>
    <!– The username to use. Leave empty to not require a username –>
    <!– the password for the username –>
    <!– sets the connection type to use. 5 means obex over usb, 2 means obex over bluetooth –>
    <!– If wbxml is enabled, defines wether the wbxml should use string tables –>
    <!– Never send ADD command, but send REPLACE (not needed normally) –>
    <!– Workaround around for mobile phones which only use local timestamps and _no_ UTC timestamps! –>
    <!– Sets the maximum allowed size in bytes of incoming messages (some device need this option set). Example: 10000 –>
    <!– The name of the contacts db. Must be the same as the phones sends –>
    <!– The name of the calendar db. Must be the same as the phones sends –>
    <!– The name of the note db. Must be the same as the phones sends –>
  43. Should be good to go at this point to sync, from terminal: mysynctool –sync nokia
  44. Once this is working, you can use Kmenu->Utilities->Multisync-gui to sync.

You can get more information at UbuntuForums.org.

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  1. congratulation for your "Howto", is very well done.

    I've followed all your instructions but the sync every time stop not at the end (sometimes at "300 / 382", otherwise "360 / 382"). I've tryed to wait some minutes but nothing appens, and after that i need to restart the phone because the sync don't stop its process and the phone will crash.

    Someone have the same problem? and, what to do?

    thanks a lot e sorry for my english.. 😉


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