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Setting up a LAMP Stack on Ubuntu 20.04 (And Raspberry Pi)

LAMP Stack on Ubuntu

This tutorial covers setting up a full LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) web stack, including HTTP server, MySQL database, and PHP for app logic. This is commonly called a LAMP server – Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP. Linux rules the web server world – the operating system powers the vast majority of web servers worldwide. Apache is a popular web server – the software with which web browsers connect to receive content. MySQL is a popular database server – it stores information in rows and columns inside tables. There is also a drop-in replacement … Read more

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Python “while” Loops [with Examples]

python while loops

This tutorial explains how to create loops in Python by using the “while” statement. Included below are the syntax and examples. In programming (and thus, in Python), a loop is a statement which will execute a block of code repeatedly until a condition is met, or the loop is broken out of manually. This article will look at Python Loops and conventions to use when writing them. Looping with the while statement, Syntax and Example Here is a basic loop which will increment (add 1) the variable ‘i’ … Read more

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How to Get the Length of a List in Python

How to get the length of a list in Python

This tutorial will teach you how to find the length of a list (array) in Python using some code examples. There are four data structures built into Python: tuples, sets, dictionaries, and lists. They are important for programmers because they allow for iteration over their contents. When we talk about data structures such as lists in Python, we are referring to a collection data type. Lists in Python can be ordered and changed. Also, unlike the sets collection type, a list allows for duplicated entries, … Read more

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Concatenating (Joining) Strings in Python

string concatenation python

Let’s look at two ways you can concatenate (which is a fancy word for join or merge) two or more strings in Python. It’s also worth checking out our article on converting integers to strings in Python. A Note On Immutable Strings Strings in Python are immutable and cannot be changed once defined. This means that whenever you join two strings, a new string is created (ie. the original is not modified!). This has both performance side effects and affects how you should structure your code: … Read more