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Bash/Shell Script to Send Email In Linux – Howto, Example

Sending Emails from Bash/Command Line

This article will show you several ways to send an email from the Linux command line/shell – as well as from Bash/Shell scripts. Why would you want to send an email from the command line? Probably not to communicate – most people use an email client with a nice user interface to send messages to each other day to day – but you may want to have your computer send an email notification when a task completes or when an event occurs. Such email alerts … Read more

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How to Format a USB Drive From the Linux Shell

Format USB Drive in Linux

This article will show you how to format a USB stick or external USB hard drive from the Linux command line/shell for FAT, NTFS, and EXT file systems. Plug In the Drive The first step – plug in your USB stick or external hard drive and give it a few moments to be detected. Find the Drive Next, find the drive you just plugged in using the fdisk command to list (-l) the attached storage devices: sudo fdisk -l We’ll be using the sudo command frequently – many of … Read more

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Mount a USB Stick/Drive in Linux [HowTo, Tutorial]

Mount a USB Drive in Linux

This tutorial will show you how to mount and access a USB stick or external USB hard drive on Linux. Most desktop Linux distributions will automatically mount USB drives show them in their file explorer, but lightweight and server distributions may not include this functionality – either because it’s considered unnecessary or because the typical user of said distribution wants to be able to do manage those tasks themselves. Modern Linux distributions should all include drivers for USB sticks and external drives, so it’s just … Read more

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Linux vs Windows – The Practical Differences in 2021

Linux vs Windows

Are you a Windows user looking for reasons to give Linux a go? This article explores why you might make Linux your operating system of choice over Windows. Or the opposite, if you’re into that sort of thing. First, let’s look at what makes Windows Windows and why people use it. Windows For better or worse, Windows is the most popular operating system for desktop computers – and has been for decades. Being the most popular operating system for so long, lots of software has been … Read more

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How To Compare Arrays in JavaScript, With Examples

Compare Arrays in JavaScript

This article will show you how to compare arrays in JavaScript and provides some ready-to-use functions to do so. We’ve already covered a bit on how to use arrays in JavaScript: Looping over Array using JavaScript forEach(), With Examples Array slice() Method in JavaScript, with Examples() Check Array Contains a Value in JavaScript, with Examples Removing an Element From an Array in JavaScript, with Examples What is an Array? An array is a type of JavaScript variable that can hold other variables, or references to … Read more

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JavaScript instanceof Operator – What it Does, How to Use It

JavaScript instanceof Operator

This article will explain what the JavaScript instanceof operator does and how it can be used. Examples provided. What does instanceof do? The instanceof operator returns TRUE or FALSE depending on whether a given value or variable is of a certain type or class – it checks whether a value is an instance of a given object class or type. The purpose of instanceof may seem confusing – you already have typeof, so what do you need instanceof for? typeof will simply return a string containing the name of the type or class of the variable. In contrast, instanceof will return a … Read more

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Refresh or Redirect a Page using PHP, With Examples

PHP Refresh Page

This article will show you how to refresh a web page in the browser using the PHP programming language. It’s sometimes necessary to set a page to reload automatically, usually at some interval, to keep the page updated with changing information. For example, you may have a scoreboard application that is displayed in a web browser on a projector and wish to have it periodically refresh to keep the displayed scores up to date with those stored. Periodic refreshing is also used to redirect to … Read more

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How to Get CPU Information on Linux, With Examples

Get CPU Info in Linux

Here’s how to display the CPU info for your computer on Linux from the Linux command line. The CPU (Central Processing Unit) in your computer does all of the number crunching and processing and logic that your computer needs to do to, well, compute. It’s the brains of the whole operation. The type of CPU, how old it is, and how fast it is determines how responsive your computer is and how quickly it can do things. CPU Info From /proc/cpuinfo One of the core … Read more

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List Running Processes in Linux with ps, top, or htop

Linux List Processes

This article will show you how to list running processes in Linux using several tools. This will allow you to see what is running and how your system resources are being consumed. It’s helpful to see what resources are in use by what process to diagnose slow systems. This information can be used to determine whether you need to purchase more memory (RAM), a faster processor, or whether an application or service on your computer is misconfigured and using more resources than it should. What … Read more

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tee Command in Linux – Split Shell Output [Examples]

Linux tee Command

The tee command in the Linux Shell/command line splits the output of an application – sending output to both a file and STDOUT (the console or another application). Here’s how to use it. The tee command is named for a T-splitter used in plumbing – a pipe that redirects water from a single source in two directions. tee Command Syntax tee is a command with a simple purpose and simple syntax: tee OPTIONS FILE Note that: OPTIONS is a list of options from the below table FILE is the path to … Read more