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How to Use Microsoft Teams on Linux

Microsoft Teams on Linux

Microsoft Teams has exploded in popularity in the past year (people have been working from home a lot for some reason). Here’s how to use it on Linux. Microsoft Teams Microsoft Teams is a chat and collaboration platform from Microsoft. It covers video conferencing, voice and text chat and allows you to collaborate on documents. Like the rest of the Microsoft Office suite, it doesn’t run on Linux. OK, technically, it does run on Linux – there is a desktop client available – but it’s been a while … Read more

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How to Install OpenWRT on a Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi OpenWRT

This article will show you how to install the OpenWRT operating system on a Raspberry Pi. I’ve previously covered this as part of our Installing OpenWrt on a BT HomeHub 5 article, but I thought I’d break it out on its own to make it easier to find for people who don’t want to wade through all of that just for the Raspberry Pi bit. What is OpenWRT? OpenWRT is a Linux-based OS designed to power routers and other networking devices. It comes tailored with … Read more

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What is Bash/The Terminal/Linux Shell? What Do They Mean?

What is Bash? Bash Meaning

New to Linux and confused about the terminology surrounding the terminal, shells, bash, and the command line? This article explains what they are. The terms terminal, shell, command line, and Bash are thrown around a lot when discussing using Linux – sometimes interchangeably. They can all refer to the same thing, but they do have slightly different meanings. GUI vs Terminal – What are They? When we’re referring to the terminal we’re referring to the text interface used to control a computer by typing in text commands. A GUI is a different paradigm – … Read more

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Java vs Python – What are They and Which Should I Learn/Use in 2022?

Java vs Python

Java and Python are versatile programming languages used for thousands of projects – so, which one should you learn for your projects? Below, I’ll look at what Python and Java are, what they’re best at, and who’s using them – so that you can decide for yourself. What is Python? Python is a general-purpose programming language that can be used for everything from scripting to building full-blown web and desktop applications. It’s designed to be easy to read, easy to learn, and easy to write. It’s been … Read more

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JavaScript vs Python – Which Should I Learn in 2022?

JavaScript Vs Python

If you’re looking to learn how to program, Python and JavaScript are obvious choices – but which one would be most useful to you? Python and JavaScript are probably the most popular programming languages at the moment, and both have a lot of tutorials to follow. If you don’t have a specific task or problem you wish to solve, it can be difficult to decide which programming language to learn. While the fundamentals are the same regardless of language, the applications are different. Fortunately, JavaScript … Read more

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Why Use The Terminal [Linux/BSD]?

Why Use the Terminal?

Lots of people choose to use the terminal instead of a graphical interface for coding, system administration, and even day-to-day computing – but why? Here’s a bunch of reasons. If you’re confused about what the Terminal, Shell, and Command-Line all are – check out our explainer here! Most servers lack a GUI (If you ignore Windows) Most Linux servers are remotely administered via the terminal through a remote SSH connection – so being comfortable in the terminal by using it day-to-day makes things easier when it … Read more

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Ruby vs Python – Which Programming Language to Learn in 2022?

Ruby vs Python

Learning to program but aren’t sure which language to choose? Python and Ruby are popular choices. This article will provide info to help you decide. What is Python? Python is a general-purpose programming language that can be used for everything from scripting to building full-blown web and desktop applications. It’s designed to be easy to read, easy to learn, and easy to write. It’s been in development since 1991, the current version being Python 3, which is under active development. Python bills itself as ‘batteries included’ – many libraries … Read more

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JavaScript: Compare Strings (Optionally Ignoring Case), With Examples

JavaScript Compare Strings

This quick tutorial will show you how to compare two or more strings in the JavaScript programming language – optionally ignoring case – with code examples. What are Strings? Strings are a series of characters. Each character has an ordered position in the string. A string can be of any length – from 0 (zero) characters to as many as you need until your computer runs out of memory. Strings are a type of variable. String type variables in JavaScript are variables that can hold a string … Read more

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Why Using the Right Variable Type is Important (Especially in Javascript)

Programming Variable Types

Variable types are a fundamental programming concept that often confuses beginners – especially those learning JavaScript. This article will show you the consequences of using the wrong variable types. What is a Variable Type? In computer programming, the type of a variable determines what values a variable can hold and what can be done with the variable. As an example, numeric variables can have mathematical operations performed on them, whereas string variables cannot (more on this later). Different programming languages support different types of variables, … Read more

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How to Convert an Object to an Array in JavaScript [Examples]

JavaScript Convert Object to Array

This article will show you the ways to convert an object to an array in JavaScript – quickly and easily. There are many ways to convert objects to arrays, but these (should) be the most straightforward methods. Converting Object to Array in JavaScript – Values Only If you only need the values from the object, the Object.values() method will extract them into an array: var myObject = { colour: ‘blue’, number: 43, name: ‘Fred’, enabled: true }; var values = Object.values(myObject); console.log(values); The above will return an array with … Read more