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Renaming Files in Linux – 2 Simple Methods

Renaming Files

In this article, we explain how to rename a file, or multiple files in Linux, using two different methods. Let’s dig into renaming files, the use of mv and rename, and why we use specific tools. Renaming files with mv – No longer the recommended method You have a web directory that somehow, the extensions became corrupt. We’re going to use the blog’s files for our example. ping www.linuxscrew.com #Test connectivity first. wget -m www.linuxscrew.com #Mirror on We are now the proud owner of a … Read more

Home » Articles by: Samuel Berry

How to Add a User to a Group in Linux (With Examples)

Add a User to a Group in Linux

In this tutorial, we’ll examine adding users to groups. Bash shell commands are powerful tools for achieving specific needs. Groups are an effective way to share and protect information. File permissions in Linux allow you to set ownership by user rights, group rights, and global. It’s also a perfect way to maintain user permission to root. Let’s dig into that. Adding a user with a group (wheel) You’ve on-boarded a new admin, and you need to make them an administrator on a file server. The … Read more