Samuel Berry

I'm a writer, in the sense that there are words written and things needing explaining. Years of schooling, running on twelve now, taught me one thing, I like taking the complicated down to complex. So, I'm writing about Linux. One of those things that starts as complicated, and after a few years turns into complex. Until the next new thing rolls out anyways. Working in IT, I learned advocating for your product is the only way to ensure adoption. Providing user manuals, pictures, diagrams, and everything else possible to our community. That's what builds the "user-friendly" experience. Not only design, but inclusion. Talk to me about Linux, I'm here to learn by teaching.

Linux chmod Recursive

Linux chmod Recursive: How to Change File Permissions Recursively

With the Linux chmod command, we can recursively change file permissions on all files and directories. This guide explains how. It’s likely you’ve run into the following errors before: 111 [Permission Denied] “Linux-Screw” [Permission Denied] “Linux-Screw” [readonly] For any system files, using sudo is the… Read More »Linux chmod Recursive: How to Change File Permissions Recursively