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DIY Arduino Powered Soldering Extraction Fan

Arduino Fan

This article will show you to build a DIY soldering extraction fan (to ventilate fumes) using an Arduino and a temperature sensor to activate the fan when the soldering iron is hot. Before you read this, why not open up my other projects in some new tabs for further reading when you’re done? Smart Mirror Wikipedia Scraper Photo Resizer and watermarker Raspberry Pi Powered Palmtop/Laptop Raspberry-Pi augmented Apple Macintosh Python Powered Tank! The Project A thoughtful commenter on a previous article suggested I get an … Read more

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DIY Arduino Powered Electronic Morning Checklist

Arduino Morning Checklist

If you’re the sort of person who has to check the stove is off before leaving the house, then recheck it because you can’t remember if you checked it (and maybe even turn around at the front gate, unlock the door, go back inside and check a final time) – this might be the project for you. Before I get into it, if you haven’t already, check out the other projects I’ve built for LinuxScrew: Python Powered Tank! Python Powered Tank Part II Python Powered … Read more