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How to SSH Into Your Raspberry Pi Remotely [Simple Guide]

How to SSH Into Your Raspberry Pi

Here’s a summary of the options available for connecting to your Raspberry Pi via SSH – from Linux, macOS, and Windows. Networking We’ll assume you have your Pi on your network – wired or wirelessly. Static IP Address vs DHCP Your Raspberry Pi will most likely be configured to receive an IP address via DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol), which means your router assigns an available address to your Pi. As it’s assigned automatically, you won’t know what it will be in advance. If you’ve … Read more

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Mount remote filesystem via ssh protocol using sshfs and fuse [Fedora/RedHat/Debian/Ubuntu way]

Imagine the following situation: you have to compile some Linux/Unix application or kernel module that requires kernel source present at your hard drive, say, in /usr/src/kernels/kernel-2.6.21-i386/ or elsewhere. But there is not enough disk space to copy these sources or install kernel-devel or linux-source packages (in Fedora/RedHat or Ubuntu/Debian distros respectively)… Sounds familiar? Believe me, sometimes it happens 🙂 As a solution you can mount the directory of some remote PC that contains needed kernel source. It can be done via several protocols like smb, … Read more

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Moving Linux to remote server (over ssh via third server)

Source: server running rather obsolete Fedora Core 1 with Apache, sendmail, ftp and other stuff. Target: any Linux server with at least one hard drive of appropriate disk space installed (in this case target server was running Knoppix). Third server: any ssh running system. First of all it’s necessary to get all servers to be accessible to each other via ssh. Read your distribution’s manual to find out how to achieve it. There are several possible ways to move Linux to another server by means … Read more